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How we are Combining Unit Study and Charlotte Mason Homeschooling!

What if I told you that you could teach your kids Science, Bible, Art, Writing, Reading, History, Geography, and Culture with a single curriculum -- all with a Charlotte Mason approach? I am so excited to introduce you to WinterPromise: an incredible curriculum publishing company that is open-and-go and one of my all time favorites. This year Caleb (my eldest, going into grade 5) has requested to do Adventures in the Sea and Sky, a themed program that combines all those subjects and more! It shows how history unfolded or was changed by advances and use of the technology of sailing, flight, and space travel. Children learn key historical events that were influenced by advancements or differences in the design of ships, airplanes or spaceships all the way from ancient history to early 21st century and the impact of how they used these or combined different advances to succeed--or fail. It incorporates all the main subjects other than math in a hands-on interactive way! Plus the amazing ... View Post

How to Make Math Fun!

Math can be a huge struggle for many children. Part of the reason for this is that practise and repetition are key factors to reinforcing concepts and rules that are taught. And while it is an important approach, math drills and tests and practise problems over and over again can quite frankly be downright boring! Today I want to introduce you to Shenek Alston, from Make Math More Fun. She is a homeschool mom to 3 who has a PhD in Statistics and a BS in Math and Political Science. Her blog is all about math and she even offers live math classes to help you out with this tricky subject, so go check it out! She offered to create a free math game that can be adapted for both younger and older children for you guys and I'm going to let her talk to you about how to make math fun for our kids and how the game works! How to Make Math Fun How can you help your kids become good in math?? R-E-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N! Like most things, to become a savvy mathematician, it takes a lot of practice, but we ... View Post

Interactive Educational Games for Kids

As a homeschool mom, I am always on the prowl for interactive educational games and resources to help make learning fun for my kids. As much as possible we try to bring in play as a method of teaching to help the kids truly process what they are learning and experiment with it further (all without boring them to tears). I first heard about the Osmo™ system last year on TV and it was a, "Pause the PVR," moment in this house. The kids instantly began asking if they could have the game, and I found myself tuning them out as I hit rewind on the PVR, wanting to see this incredible hands-on learning resource in action once again. From that day on, Osmo was a known name in our house: like a long lost family member we hadn't met but felt akin to. Life got busy, money got tight, and slowly but surely Osmo was pushed onto the backburner of someday. That's why when I was contacted by the team over at Tangible Play™ about reviewing this system for you guys, I was ALL over it! My kids' ... View Post

Bible Journaling in a Notebook

Bible journaling doesn't have to be complicated, yet I think sometimes we focus so much on the beauty that it CAN be that we miss the purpose behind it. While it can be an act of worship and creative expression to draw, paint, or scrapbook these artistic pages, the goal is to meditate on the word of God. Quite frankly, it can be as simple as writing out the word of God, taking the time to reflect on what you are reading and focusing on what it means to you. The more time you spend in God's word, the more it changes you. That is a Biblical concept: We are called to be transformed us by the renewing of our mind (Eph 4:23), to meditate on God's word day and night (Josh 1:8) because it is alive and active (Heb 4:12). For those of you who are totally overwhelmed by the act of Bible journaling because you think it has to be complicated or you are not artistic enough for it... this post is for you! Come take a look at how you can do bible journaling in a notebook. What is scripture ... View Post

How I Use Copywork to Teach Language Arts

As a homeschool mom of 5 young children, teaching each child at their own level with their own subjects was slowly killing me. Like a slow moving poison, I was losing the life and passion and fire in my homeschool. I was burning out, I was frustrated, I was tired, something had to give. Language Arts, the one subject I was the most confident to teach my children, turned out to be the hardest subject to approach. Every angle I tried was met with tears--failure. Every curriculum I bought felt like a battleground--failure. Every time I asked my kids to write out an answer or read a book with me, they complained--failure. The love I had of the written word was not being passed down, I didn't know where I had gone wrong. That was before Brave Writer, before I sat down with the Writer's Jungle and worked out that my vision and my path were not lining up. It didn't take me long to find that I had been pressuring my kids to read, to write, to spell, expecting them to know how to do it, ... View Post

3 Quality Notebooks for Bullet Journaling

I am an eclectic planner. Which means that I like to be free to make planning what works for ME, rather than to be tied to a particular system. This also means that I try a lot of different methods and over the years, have developed a symptomatic obsession with all things stationary. Paper, the very smell of it, is my happy place. Pens that fit in my hand and glide smoothly across the paper. Stickers and washi tape and stamps and notebooks... they all find a happy little nook in my desk, in the "one-day" pile. You might think I have a problem, my husband might agree with you, but every time I look in those drawers and see those books ready to be opened up and filled with the mundane little details of my life, I am inspired. Because all I really use for my planning method is a notebook and some really good pens (see some of my top recommended pens here), I spend a lot of time getting to know the various notebooks on the market. This month I want to introduce you to Rhodia ... View Post

Using Doodles in your Bible

When I talk about doodling, the response is usually a mixture of awe and resolve: "I can't do that." This response has always bothered me a bit because this is simply not true. Doodles are meant to be scrawled, imperfect, and VERY simple. They are not elegant works of art, they can generally be drawn by getting ideas off of Pinterest (view my doodle board here). No one starts off being able to doodle independently, you get ideas and inspiration, you copy what you see, (remember how we learned to walk and talk?) and eventually you'll have some base skills to be able to doodle on demand and come up with your own. It takes time, but it is the simplest art form, where mistakes actually add to the flavor: PERFECT for beginners! So why don't we do this in our Bibles? Whether you just add a pop of black and white embellishment with a doodled flower or vine, or whether you paint or color it in for a more polished look, this is one of the key skills (in my opinion) you can use in Bible ... View Post

Simple Bible Journaling Ideas

Bible journaling can be incredibly overwhelming. With the viral nature of social media, a quick search on Pinterest often brings up professional artist's pages that are a far cry from anything we feel we are capable of. As someone who is still relatively new to Bible journaling, I have struggled to find my way amongst a sea of information, and I have learned that none of it matters. Yes, you heard me right. The tools you use do not matter, the skill you have or lack does not matter, the style you choose does not matter... all that matters is the act of immersing yourself in the powerful, potent, life-changing words of God. I have also learned the doodling and watercolors and hand lettering are something you can get better at with practice (there is hope!). And so it is that I have spent the past year familiarizing myself with the act of illustrating my faith and expressing what it means to me. Today I am going to share with you a glimpse inside some of my simple pages. I'll explain ... View Post

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