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I Was Tired of Being Embarrassed by my Skin, Until I Tried This…

Adult skin issues aren't something I see talked about very often, yet I don't think I am the only one who was suffering from problematic skin. After having 5 kids, my hormones have been everywhere and my skin was highly unpredictable. I was breaking out monthly, I had a dark splotch of chloasma from my pregnancies on my upper lip that looked disturbingly similar to a moustache from the distance... in short, I was wearing makeup every single day to feel a little more human. I felt my confidence waver, I stopped doing online videos and tried a few different facial products, nothing was working. When I first met Jordan, I was intrigued. She seemed so certain she could help me, believed so strongly in Rodan + Fields that I just knew I had to give it a try. For the past 3 months I have been using the Reverse system and I know you are going to be as blown away as I am at the results. Rodan and Fields Review When I first got my kit in the mail I was a bit overwhelmed, not going to lie. ... View Post

The Best Black Friday Deals for Homeschoolers!

Well, it's sale weekend around the world and as my inbox filled up with amazing deals that I am going to be taking advantage of, I couldn't help but share with you guys. I will admit, I usually wait for Black Friday and do my Christmas and birthday shopping all in one. I love getting stuff at a deal and I have some AMAZING limited time deals to share with you. This click n' shop gift guide is full of sales and resources that are a mixture of educational and fun! PLUS if you're too busy to go clicking around, I put it together in a click-friendly PDF that you can just view in text form, what is being offered, coupon codes, and all organized (of course) into age group. This is totally free from me to you, so keep reading! How to shop the gift guide What I have done is put together a click n' shop gift guide (CLICK HERE). It is all separated into age range, so you can just choose the age range that most applies to you and view some gift suggestions (and applicable coupon codes) all ... View Post

How to Cultivate a Thankful Heart

It is Thanksgiving and families everywhere are gathering together to feast and celebrate the things in their life they are thankful for. It is one of my favorite holidays because it doesn't really have an ulterior motive or underlying seed of selfishness. There are no expectations of gifts, it is all about the three F's: Family, Food, and Fun. As I sip my coffee and ponder the blessings in my life and home, I realized that I really have the ability to create a content and thankful heart both for myself, but an atmosphere that permeates this entire home. I want that for ME, I want that for my husband, I want that for my children. Taking the time to focus on what I HAVE in a world of things I NEED and WANT, protects me from discontent and bitterness. Keep reading to find out how I am cultivating a thankful heart this month PLUS a free printable! 3 Steps to a more thankful heart I have found three practises, habits if you will, that remind me regularly of the gifts in my life and ... View Post

How I Let Go of Public School Expectations

Here's the deal, public school expectations are the killer of homeschool joy. They take all your ideas and passion and creativity and peace and freedom and put it into a little box that is much too tight and full of things like negativity, comparison, insecurity, and pressure. No one likes that box, it is not a fun box. All that pressure and insecurity and panic that you feel about your children's education, "ARE YOU DOING ENOUGH!??!?!" is passed on to your children, which means THEY are put in the little box. And instead of creating a fun environment that is different than public school (kind of the point) we mimic school and in the process, there is a breakdown in relationship and peace in our homes. So NOW my friends, not only are WE unhappy, our CHILDREN are unhappy, and our relationship is SUFFERING. THIS is the number 1 reason why I see people quit. Because in THAT environment, homeschooling becomes not healthy. It becomes something no one will remember fondly. Those are the moms ... View Post

5 Reasons Illustrated Faith is the BEST Gift!

We all have those things, those gifts we love and secretly want but can't really justify. Maybe it's not in the budget, maybe we feel bad because it doesn't serve a practical purpose or it's just for us. Whatever it is, it is pretty much the BEST kind of present to receive! If you are looking for THAT kind of gift to give to a sister or friend this Christmas, I have the perfect idea for you! Anyone who has tried their hand at Bible Journaling can generally agree on one point: it has the potential to change your relationship with God. Whether you write notes in the margin and use stickers and washi to add color, or do hand lettering, sketching or painting… it is a way of responding to the scriptures. What if you could pass that on? What if you could share something that has touched your life with someone else and inspire them on a journey of their own? As I pondered Christmas and upcoming birthday’s, looking for unique and meaningful gifts, was the first thing that ... View Post

Home Piano Lessons for the Whole Family

Both my husband and I are musical and always knew that we wanted our children to be exposed to music when they were young. We had visions of music lessons and a music room full of instruments that the kids could try and learn at their fancy (said room was going to be soundproof of course). But life hasn't really panned out the way we had anticipated. Other than lack of space and money and soundproofing materials, we now live on an isolated island about 8 hours from civilization. With no real access to music teachers and music stores, we have been at a bit of a loss as far as where to begin. I used to teach piano lessons when the kids were younger but the reality is, I simply don't have time with all our other lessons right now to add another one-on-one times 5 children to the list! So when I heard about Piano Wizard Academy I was intrigued. Would it work for all my children (ages 3-9)? Would it work long term or would the kids lose interest? Would they get stuck in game format or would ... View Post

An Unschooling Approach to Teaching Writing

When people hear the word 'unschooling' they sometimes write off the entire conversation. They picture kids playing video games all day long while mom reads a book and that is FAR from the truth. Unschooling, also known as child directed learning, is a form of education where the child is involved in their education. It is targeted, it is unique to the child. You might use curriculum if your child is enjoying it, or maybe it will mean learning through research and library visits. It looks different in literally EVERY household. Today I want to talk specifically about an unschooling approach to teaching writing. How do parents facilitate an environment where the child WANTS to write? How do they teach and direct writing in a way that is child directed when most children seem to dread this subject? Spoiler alert... it IS possible, and probably more fun than most tear-filled writing curriculums out there. Unschooling writing... curriculum? What I use to teach writing in my ... View Post

Art Journaling with Kids

Art journaling with kids is an amazing way to get your kids creative, expressing themselves, de-stressing, and build a love and appreciation for art. It is something we were first introduced to in our homeschool art curriculum, Home Art Studio, and I have been honestly blown away looking through my kids' art journals. They have been exploring oil pastels, pencil sketching, watercolors, and more! Whether you are looking for a way to bring art into your homeschool or just expose your kids to more art, it requires little else than a notebook and some simple art supplies. Art journaling with kids: how to get started We are using a sketchbook for each child where they are allowed to go and sketch, draw, or paint at any time. I have some quality art supplies that I have available for the kids and they have learned how to use them through Home Art Studio so I feel pretty confident that they won't ruin what they are using. I love using their art journals as a way to blow off steam when ... View Post

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