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Homeschooling Around the World: A Photo Series

I recently saw a photo series by a professional photographer that showcased homeschooling and it irked me a little bit. Don't get me wrong, the photos were beautiful! The captions depicted children hunting, exploring nature, scaling ponds, and playing in the mud: unschooling in all its glory. The lighting was perfect, the focus was crisp and clear. Yet I felt that the series failed to capture the essence of homeschooling. The reality is, homeschooling is FAR from perfect and learning can take on many forms. So I reached out to my little community of homeschoolers on Facebook and asked them to show me what homeschooling looks like for them. So wordy Rebecca is going to bow to the age-old truism that a picture is worth 1,000 words and let them speak for ... View Post

5 Ways to Bible Journal without Writing in your Bible

The number 1 concern that I hear when it comes to Bible journaling, is that people don't want to write in their Bibles. Perhaps they don't want to paint or cover the scriptures, or maybe they are afraid of ruining their Bible when their art doesn't work out the way they had planned. Whatever the reasoning, this is no reason to hold back from the experience of Bible journaling and the expression and act of worship that it can be. Today I want to share with you 5 different ways you can experience Bible journaling without actually writing in your Bible (non-artsy people, this is for you too!). 1. Start an art journal. This is a great place to draw or illustrate verses or scriptures that have spoken to you while you are reading. I love making these myself by ripping or cutting up some watercolor paper and making a little booklet out of it. Take a look at the art journal page below to get an idea of how simple this can be (or click on the image to see how I made mine ... View Post

5 Hacks to Help You Teach your Reluctant Reader

My firstborn taught himself to read. I remember a few frustrating teaching sessions, and then one day he pulled out a grade 2 reading level book and without any stepping stones, was reading it fluently. No catching, no sounding out, it just clicked and he has been a voracious reader ever since. While this first experience in "teaching" a child to read was undeniably a pleasant one... it ruined me. I approached my second child with a measure of expectation and therefore annoyance when she didn't perform at the level I thought she should. I tried a variety of reading curriculums, I gave her time, my expectations were forced to be lowered, one tearful encounter after another. It was painful for both of us, and I'm not sure that I learned anything constructive in the process. I walked out of that experience feeling like I had failed, feeling like I had damaged a little bit of my daughter's love of learning, and knowing I didn't want to repeat it. Enter my son. My third child was a ... View Post

What’s the Big Deal with Bible Journaling?

Bible journaling: you'd think we would all know what that was, but it can be difficult to clearly identify when it can mean something different to everyone! One person might tell you that Bible journaling means journaling in a notebook about what they read in the Bible. Another might refer to it as writing out scripture in a notebook. Some identify Bible journaling as writing in the margins of their Bible's, and for others, it is a means of artistic expression. I wanted to briefly share my journey with Bible journaling (as someone who had NO artistic skill) and what it looks like for me and the value I have found in it along the way. Bible Journaling Inspiration: Where it all began I don't even remember when I first heard about Bible journaling. I think for a while the term just kind of circulated and I assumed it was what I was doing, writing in my margins, or journaling scriptures that meant something to me. Little did I know a whole world would open up to me once I got my ... View Post

Does My Bad Grammar Give Homeschooling a Bad Name?

I have noticed critiques on my blog about spelling and/or grammar. I am aware of the fact that I make mistakes in my writing, both in grammar and spelling (especially when I am writing passionately). Don't get me wrong, I am not bothered when someone mentions a spelling error or grammatical error, in fact, it is something I appreciate... unless they tie it together with homeschooling. Something about that connection irks me, like a little needle driving under my skin. It is like saying that, "If I make a mistake in writing I am not qualified to teach my children." As if only perfect people can homeschool. Please tell me I am not the only one who finds this notion flawed? Case and Point: EVERYONE makes mistakes And I do mean everyone. The most professional of writers who write all the books we love to read make mistakes in their original manuscripts. All of which need to be proofread and edited by people that charge more than I make in a year! This is because "good writing" is ... View Post

20+ Tips for Homeschooling the Distracted Child

One of the greatest challenges we face as homeschoolers is keeping our kids on task. Whether you have a large family with kids that would rather play together than work or have a child that can't seem to concentrate for longer than a few minutes, I have put together a list of over 20 practical ideas that you could try. I have tried all of these at one time or another and I find that some work better than others and some work well, but only for a season. Don't get discouraged if what WAS working, STOPS working in a month! In fact, I recommend printing these off and adding to the list so that you have something to turn to when you feel frustrated. Therefore, I have created a simple free printable with the ideas and a short description as well as a place to rate how this solution worked for you. I hope that it gives you hope in the midst of a hopeless homeschool day and if you have new ones to add, PLEASE share in the comments below for a fellow homeschool mom to find! 20+ Tips to ... View Post

5 Common Reasons our Children Can’t Focus on School

Imagine with me a homeschool room with three adorable children and teacher-mom in all her glory. The day is going well, albeit more like a relay race than a typical learning environment. Mom spends the entire morning bouncing from one child to the next: helping them, keeping them on track, cheering them on. It is exhausting, but it works... until the phone rings. Mom sneaks out of the school area, advising said children to finish their work by the time she gets back. Alas, we all know the end of THAT story! She enters the room to find the kids playing, perhaps wrestling or even fighting, not a single thing has been accomplished. I am that mom, I'm sure you have been that mom. It is exhausting, is it not? Trying to keep them on track all the time? Today I am writing a series post to address why our kids can't stay focused and some practical things we can try to help them be a bit more independent and self-motivated. The next post will be linked at the end of this one, so keep ... View Post

Refocusing on the Reason for the Season

Christmas is nearly upon us and I am struck anew by the sheer chaos of the season. Somehow, this month fills up without me even meaning to. There are Christmas parties and get togethers, and Christmas plays and cookie exchanges and company to prepare for... I was slightly panicked when I counted the days left and realized how much was packed into those days. It is SO easy to become consumed with the busy and forget the why behind it. I want to remember the reason for the season, but I also want to destress and detach myself from the "Martha" of doing and become more like the "Mary" who is living in the moment. Anyone else feeling this need? That is why when this month's Illustrated Faith Devotional Kit came in the mail, I was over the moon excited as I opened it up. Take a look what was inside this month's kit... Why I love Bible Journaling When I first heard about Bible journaling I was frankly completely overwhelmed. I only like about 10% of what I do and am not super artsy, ... View Post

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